Miserable Birthday

What a way to spend my day, booked the day off, cos no-one likes working on their birthday, look around me and kids have trashed the house!! So now i am sniffing and snuffling cos of the dust and cleaning materials, with my trusty rubber gloves on!!!

And no, you may not ask how old I am, hehehe:D

I’ts ok Mel, we all know your 56:D Have a nice birthday;)

Happy birthday!

PS - If you want to hide your age, take it off your LB profile! But I wouldn’t worry, you look lovely for a 1971 girl!

Happy birthday you :kiss:

Happy Birthday… maybe us LB’s could club together and get you some anti-static cleaning products for your birthday… help with the dust issue ;):smiley:

could get her some rope, to help with the kids issue.

HB anyway!

Happy Birthday sweetheart

Lots of love



Hmmmm, Mel, Rubber Gloves. :satisfied:

A Pea birthday indeed, what could be better for a lady…surrounded by saucepan lids and cleaning. ideal :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday hinny!

Make the kids tidy up! :smiley:

:slight_smile: +1

Happy 3*th birthday, hope the day improves for you x

I like this idea, thankyou you guys for the b/day wishes, and you can get thoughts about the rubber gloves out of your heads!! hehe

OOOOH i did’nt realise its your birthday Mel…:blush:
Now step away from the rubber gloves and get yourself a cuppa and i hope you have chocolate in the house?..NOW RELAX!!!


Hmmmm, Mel, Rubber Miniskirt. :satisfied::w00t::smiley:

I dont have chocolate in the house samm, which is unusual for me i know, but doug is taking me out for dinner tonight, so i’ll make sure i have a huuuge dessert in honour of LB!

And kevsta, rubber mini skirt??? now we all know what floats your boat you devil you :D:D

HBD Mel, sad that no one here noticed and you had to start your own thread about it lol :smiley:
Go get choccy and bolt the door so the kids can’t get in.

Now then whats this about rubber skirts and gloves? :wink:

Rubber fetishes and chocolate?

I think I’ve wondered into the wrong forum :smiley: hehe

Happy Birthday.

Hee hee, its ok Mel, Kevsta’s got a big thing for nurses in his local hospital at the moment :D.

Get the kids to do the housework while you supervise their “Domestic Science Lession”, so feet up with a cuppa n something naughty but oh so tasty!!

Many Happy Returns. Hey, at least you get to take a day off work, my boss won’t let me. Thank fugg it’s next Friday. I’ll finish work, get back to London around 6 knackered from my commute, go out with the family, get mullahd before 9pm and embarass them all with ‘dad’ dancing and they can’t say a thing cos it’ll be my b’day. Super awesome:D