Mirrors....Info Please

Bought a new set of mirrors for the Blade? all nice and and small, tear drop stylee, in blue carbon…got em from Germany and cost me £120 incl post?..ok fine…got em home, got em on bike…had to use the risers they sent with em…BUT…although they look great…love em to bits…i still cant actually SEE properly with em !!!

Went out with Shewolf and had to keep looking over my shoulder to see her !! Couldnt see traffic properly, couldnt see MUCH at all really…now for someone like me that uses her mirrors a lot…this is pants !!!

So now, due to us being stopped by plod for number plate issues…ive not only got the huge black original mirrors back on, ive also got the “paddle” number plate back on …feel bit like an old lady with big knickers on at the mo!!! I swear that number plate is slowing me down !!!

SO my question is, how do we manage to bring these lovely mirrors away from the bike enough so that we can actually SEE more of the road and traffic, other bikes and cars?..do i add another set of risers to them? i had THREE on each side as it was, but ive got another one to go on, just have to get longer screws to fit to bike though…at this rate all u will see is a small mirror and loads of bluddy risers !!!

What can i do?..apart from sell em on to someone who dont mind not being able to see? (that dont make sense!)

Can you not shift your body everso over, just so you can peak into the mirrors?

try looking in the mirrors, then throught the gap under your arms?? just raise your elbows slightly??

or do you normally do this??

Ive moved my body over, ive looked in mirrors, ive looked under my arm, ive looked behind me every time i do anything on the bike…the mirrors are just not in the right position to get a good view?..they seem to close to the bike, they need to be away from it more so u can position the mirror better…they dont have a long stem on them…i guess i will have to try the more risers thing…as i said i had 3 of them on but ive got another one for each side…just that at this rate i’ll have all risers showing…madness…is it cos i am small and not taller or something, does my seating position stop me from having a better view in mirror? F’d if i know !

what are mirrors?

Well, yeh, your right …but ive got so used to using em, specsh when approaching motorways etc…and to check no other biker wants to come and pass me on the outside when im in the outside lane too !!! I dont know, something about u men cant take being behind a woman…(on the bikes…on the bikes…)

dont if this will help but try this idea:

instead of fitting the mirrro to bike and then trying to adjust it to see try the reverse i.e.

sit on your bike (as if riding) and get someone to hold the mirror up (and move it about) till you find the best position for it.

then see how you can get it to attach to the bike

atleast it will give you the perspective to see if a good mirror possitioning can be done.

With some of the risers on, u CAN get a “sort of” view…but its not good?..im trying to see if i use the last riser, will that help…if it dont, then i cant see the point…its cos theres no long stalk to them, it dont take them up and away from the bike enough so that you can move em for a good enough angle to the road, or behind you?..dumb if u ask me, oh yeh, they LOOK the b…but id rather be alive and not cause a accident…

i know others have them on their bikes…love to know if they even bother looking out of em till the others are right on top of em? sorry but i like to know whos behind me and whats going on, way before its too late to do anything about it…all these gadgets and stuff look great on, but not really practical…shame

If ur avatar is anything to go by no wonder you got trouble

JonnyBravo has some mirrors which mount in the front fairing as opposed to on it and he says they work well to see things in the blind spot…He doesn’t run standard mirrors.

Might be worth having a chat with him.

Hmm have you tried moving them forwards or backwards. Either way will improve the view in some way…forwards will bring more in view at a greater distance from your rear, further backwards will give more vision close up behind you…like door mirrors as opposed to wing mirrors…its not just a matter of purshing them outwards…although that should help as well…

or perhaps you should stop weight training and slim up the shoulders and arms a bit…

Just cos ur sitting in that comfy armchair of yours nowdays mister J !! I was having a stretch guv

Ha ha,…have i tried moving em backwards or forwards??? ha ha…err…doh !!! cant stop the weight training etc…have to get arms big and strong to take on u men !!! Grrrrr…how very dare you…have i tried moving em backwards and forwards… (made me smile tho…made me SMILE)

ummm…stick the standard mirrors back on…seems obvious really, then sell the bling fashion accessories!

Oh i know…have put originals back on now…but dont want to…(stamps feet and runs off crying)…

I have almost exactly the same bike as you, blue to boot. I changed up from a '99 Blade two months ago and was surprised at how bad the mirrors were on the new bike by comparison.
But the solution is soooo simple and should cost you no more than a tenner! Halfords, a couple of ‘blind spot’ mirrors, one on the outside corner of each mirror, voila! problem solved. I have them on my bike and what a difference. Cant understand why you dont see them on bikes more often.
And the best thing about them???!!? Well, apart from staying alive - is that you can see yourself riding and it looks like Colin Edwards! Reason enough surely? (apart from staying alive!!!).

Ha…yes…i was thinking of those as next resort?..and yeh they do make a difference…im going to look into it this weekend actually…what ones u got, the round ones or the squares? whats best? i had some once that moved, (square ones)…they were good cos u could put them in right posn really good…I found with these mirrors i like the fact the filtering is so much better, cos u dont have to bob and weave out the way of cars,lorrys,vans mirrors?..thanks for that…i will see what i can do…did u get the blue ones or plain carbon? i got the blue and it matches our bikes exactly !!