Mini Scooter E & Smart scooters

no details yet apart from these pic and that they will be electric

to me it looks like a vespa knockoff

after some digging found out that Smart are also doing an electric scoot

No doubt very expensive, but an interesting move. Both claim moped performance with 60mile range. The smart one uses an iPhone as the instruments (inc satnav) and also has ABS, airbags, and blind spot warning system (like new Volvos do, I guess).Its what comes next that would interest me - Peugeot are going to show the BB1 car, the e-Vivacity and a concept e-Satelis. The first is an electric car made from two maxi-scooter frames, the second is another leccy moped on sale early next year, but no one knows anything about the last.

But if they fitted just one of the 2 (20hp each) leccy motors from the BB1 into the maxi-scooter Satelis frame, its speed and range could make it a viable proposition for proper commuting. 20hp is about the same as most 250cc scoots, so 80mph should be achievable. If the BB1 does a claimed “comfortable” 75miles, then the scoot might make 100miles? Even dropping a chunk off that would make it handy-enough for my 27mile each way journey.