mini pub meet Croxley hertfordshire

who fancys meeting up saturday evening in a pub for a good old chin wag and some refreshments ? details are below.

Location : The Artichoke, The Green, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, WD3 3HN

Date : 29th june 2013 saturday

time :6;30pm onwards

copy and paste name list and add your names if you are deffo attending

  1. Kishan

you expect us to believe this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

plus its something different than the typical places like ace cafe and road side tea huts and etc and well as mrs is going away im at loose ends so thought might aswell get some of you guys to meet up with me for the evening.

The boot is better, just a little further down :slight_smile:

This is right up your street :stuck_out_tongue:

can we please stick to the topic guys, so who is up for meeting up Saturday evening ?

I’m 0% in. Got a BBQ on :smiley:

no worries hopefully another time

I’m currently planning to attend Jaime & Claire’s barbecue on Saturday.

That said, there are some lovely biking roads near the area you’re talking about meeting, I think it would be a good place to start a ride-out from at some point.


no worries mate :slight_smile: well if any newbies or regular members who are at loose end saturday are welcome get your names down be good to meet up :slight_smile:

if anyone is up for meeting up tomorrow at this pub please let me know asap because if no one is up for it then i can make other plans for my saturday evening.

looks like a nice place and I would like to but I’m not likely to get a pass for Saturday night I’m afraid

well today is the day is anyone actually up for meeting up this evening ?