Milton Keynes-Northbound on the A5 (Fullers Slade footbridge)

That’ll be the council scum from Greenleys, Hodge Lea and Fuller Sh*t, sorry slade.

It happens on another bridge just down the road from there aswell.

Now they are at it on the A3 in Cobham … from

Driver shaken after object thrown

A woman motorist was forced to swerve off a road in Surrey after an object was thrown at her car from a bridge.

Police said she was driving along Tartar Hill, in Cobham, on Monday afternoon when youths were seen hurling large objects from the bridge above.

A passing vehicle was almost hit and the woman, who was badly shaken by the incident, pulled into a layby.

Officers said one of the youths was wearing a red top, while another had a white top.

The incident is the latest in a number of similar attacks in the county this year.

String’em up by their spuds.

Alternatively, throw THEM off a bridge and let them see what it’s like.