Milan Motorbike show

Dear all,

Motor shows in England are bloody expensive…especially when you compare that I flew to Milan and back, staying one night, cost me £120 (including travel to and from the airports both ends) and food whilst there.

The best thing was that nearly ALL MANUFACTURERS were there, which you don’t get in the UK, along side this, you had a chance to go on some bikes too…let alone just sit on them!!!

If you compare this overall price, to what you would pay for a complete journey to the show in the UK…I am sure that for the extra few pounds, you would go to Milan !!!

8 halls (each one the size of a football pitch) cramed full of manufacturers of bikes and components…you NEED TWO DAYS to get around the show properly!!!

As a bonus, there was also a bicycle show there too.

Couldn’t agree more, I went too, see -

I only went for the day, cost me £30 return on Easyjet from Gatwick.

May well try the Paris one next year, just for a bit of variety, it’s supposed to be very good as well, maybe even ride down to it ?

Only downside of the Milan show is that there’s no real retail side, so no good if you’re looking for a bargain lid or bit of kit.