Might need a bike

In about 1 2 months I will be looking for a commuter bike as I will be moving further from London. After today’s event with Jubilee and Bank etc… and after 3 hours getting to work when it should take about 30/45 minutes I decided I will not support the TFL anymore. I was force to do it before anyhow… but need to see what money I got left and get a bike.

So if any of you planning on selling your bike in the next 2 months do give me a shout, looking at about £2000 max something cheaper to run and to add as a 2nd bike on my insurance. ideal bike would be a naked bike street fighter or a super moto:) Price wise it depends on the bike so can go up… again depends on what I have left.

The bottom line is that I would rather get a bike from someone here:) if I know they looked after it. Even if you know from a friend that wants to sell etc let me know.

I have been looking at the Kwak ER-6N… I think some places to it on free interes??? and it’s under £4k

Sounds nice! :slight_smile: You lucky bugger. Maybe not such a bad situation to find yourself in after all!

If it was me, I’d buy an old 70s classic which has been upgraded with modern brakes/ forks etc. Would make a great commuter, and you’d end up with a beautiful stable mate for your modern. Ive seen it done on an old Z650 and the other day saw what looked like a Yamaha XS650 all swanked up. (A yellow one at Broadway market if that was anyone off here…) Unfortunately I dont commute by bike but if I did - thats definately how I’d go. I have no idea of price though…

Happy shopping!