Might have a job for builders?

As you might know I been looking to buy a house and we found one… put an offer on it and it got accepted.

Now just need the Bank to do its stuff and we have a friend surveyor who will pop around to check it out.

So the house is 1950s with Artex on walls. That will have to come off everywhere, and the wall paper in the other rooms and redone as well as all carpets, bathroom toilette and sink replacing, kitchen replaced. Was going to try for a a kitchen extention but might be too much.

Looking for serious people that will do a good job, don’t want no cowboys:):slight_smile:

pm’d you

What area did you go for in the end ?

Went for Harold Wood, just down a bit on the A12 from Gallows Corner, price isn’t too bad but no garage… so side entrance for bike will have to do. I am close to meet up anyone going into Essex and becoming a proper regualr at the BCR:)

I might need someone to do me a new wall and get a better gate to secure the bike. I will probably end up getting one of them bike garages installed.

You in need of a recently unemployed Architect? :Whistling:

You wanna posy up on Arnies www.polishbikers.com it must be full of builders:D

pity its so far away…coulda done some labouring for ya :slight_smile:

Oh I see - Highams Park not good enough for ya now ??!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re nice and close to some Essex lanes though :smiley: