Microsoft office

Hey does anyone have a spare copy of microsoft office (excel word processor etc) or can i borrow their copy? just to install it on my computer then you can have them back.

willing to pay if you want :slight_smile:

Just use OpenOffice

Download it. Tis only 500mb.

But remember, in doing so you will burn in hell in the eyes of MS and the law. I didn’t lose any sleep over it tbh. Whatever you do, don’t get 2007 edition, it’s ‘different’ from the norm and fecking hard to use!!

I second open office. It’s free, fast, legal and is fully compatible with MS Office documents.

Also, just installing from someone else’s disks won’t work, you will need to crack the authentification, which isn’t for the beginner.

Getting a clean (no viruses) free copy is going to require some reading, so I’d really go with Open Office. I have it on my PC, and most people don’t notice they aren’t using Office.

Good luck :slight_smile:

thanks guys id never heard of this before but it seems really good :smiley:

OpenOffice is a good alternative (unless you want to use Access or VBA)

Microsoft Orifice vs. Open Orifice