Are they just pretty or a quantum leap in road tyre technology?:slight_smile:

According to “Bike” magazine, they really have moved the game on. They do a tyre test with 6 manufactuers including the reigning champs Dunlop Road Smarts and they wipe the floor with them all. BUT, all there testing was in the wet (which seems a little short sighted - i know this is England but still…!)

As i recall, 6 seconds a lap faster than BT015’s… if your into that kind of stat :w00t:

We`ll let you know, the BT023 held us back a litlle.:smiley:

Yeah i was going to tell you to hurry the **** up!

I need to get rid of the OE tyres on the blade asap and very seriously considering these… I’m just wondering how they would cope with the odd hot track day…? But then, it will probably get knicked before the summer so why worry?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Zee, you realise we`re in the Supermoto thread and have not yet been outed?

They are usually quicker off the mark than this.

But since we`re in, Mad dog is a pussy eating git, Sneaky, aka Sharon the big girls blouse is a cutie. Asbo is a nutter of the first order and a lardy shagwanker.

They`re all OK really though they ride a bit slow and dribble poo at every corner.:smiley:

Nope, i did not notice this… If i ever have the misfortune of traveling behind said “shagwankers”, i shall endeavor to avoid the stream of poo juice…

Nice to meet you all though :slight_smile:

Zee mate the`re all ruffians of the first order and not the type of motorcyclist a young man from Weybridge would wish to associate with.:smiley:

As long as the poo doesn’t hit me when I’m standing on the side of a road having a piddle:D

According to some blurb I read the tread pattern was designed specifically for wet weather riding… Thinking of replacing my continentals with these

I put a PR3 on my rear a few weeks ago. Feels very solid, today I could have been riding in the dry. But I do like the PR’s, never had a “moment” with 'em. Get about 8k on the rear and 11/12k on the front from them. And I’m not known for hanging around.

there too busy playing with thier tards to notice … i have no current opinion but i tend to not follow the sheep … ok i know thats a lie … i was never charged with that offence …

so you still trying to wear out rubber then Jets … and as always two up … I admire your spirit

and stamina to maintain that pace … again why its even more poigniant to be in the tard area …the home of recurring rebuilds and more bling than a chavs wardrobe

zeepony im glad you realised you’d be behind us and not infront :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant beleive im the first to notice this and so late too…

If you all join the jets on the 06th prepare to experience what us tards are like… Or atleast what this tard is :smiley:

And GET OUT or get a PXR front and any old rubbish on the rear :hehe:

Note to everybody that is thinking of going on the ride-out, think about brining wet wipes and bandages!

I noticed the topic earlier, but I didn’t feel like I could speak for the retard crowd as I still don’t actually who this DevTec dude is for example, and why it’s so important to have his frame :smiley:

Wet wipes yes cause i dont want you all making a mess of my bike :w00t:Carefull Dries, i got a tellin off for not knowing who VDB is. I dont actualy know why its called devtech myself though but i know they are made by suter. And well they are proper trick hence why i got one :smiley: Just need to nick MD’s swinger but dont tell him it was me :wink:

See, apart from the bit that says MD is a swinger, which I knew, that all sounds like giberish to me. :smiley:

Dont worry we shall educate you. Should of got ya name down for swaffham and we could of started your lessons there :hehe:

I would like to do a tarmac only trackday first, and get used to the bike a bit.
Lydden Hill or Lydd would be idea as I could just ride to the track and not have to worry about renting a van etc.

Aaah, Lydd is no more alas. There hasn’t been any supermoto action there since it was banned, on grounds of noise (close to nature reserves), a couple of years ago. A very great pity since by all accounts Lydd was by far the finest sm track in the south. (I had the privilege of riding there a couple of times.)

Lydden Hill is not quite a supermoto track, pretty fast for sm and quite technical - fun though :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was too busy eating pussy to indulge you. Do you know I can breath through my ears?:P:P:P:P:P:P


Sharon the big girls blouse xxx

Oh, and get the phuck outa our forum!:smiley: