Michelin Road 5

New tyres anyone?

Just put a new Anakee3 on the back of the Panzer after 7500 miles. Michelin make a decent touring tyre for sure.

Wow  that is a very different design compared to the PR3 and PR4.  Got RoadTech 01s for the next 6/7K miles.


should be available just in time for my next tyre change 

At what cost?

At what cost?
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you cant put a price on safety 

I think you can, otherwise safety is just a money pit. The thing is I’m happy with the Bridgestones but might be interested in a change or not if the cost is too far over and above the Bridgesones cost.

Don’t make them for a 990 so I think I’ll stick to my contis. Not that I ride the bloody bike anyway!

I like the look of them. Although it’ll be next summer at my current rate that I’ll need new tyres.

Not seen any follow-up on these tyres just to add some experience as I had to replace my Road 5s today. The front was down to the wear indicator and the rear was squared off that it was best replaced too.

In the end they only last for 19k miles. Nineteen thousand! Bought them October 24th last year and they have lasted this long. One puncture, fixed by London MPR, in that time.

And at the moment I am travelling to Lincolnshire twice a week, with 60 mile round trips from the coast to Boston whilst there. That has meant a lot of riding in the rain while knowing the front has little left in it, yet they still gave me nothing to worry about.

I bought them to replace the PR4s the bike came with, and only went with the Road 5s because of a cash back offer. But I think they have provided value for money being safe and lasting that long.

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I’ve had the Road 5s for a couple off months and am v happy with them. Better grip than the PR4s and good in the rain.

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@eezie did you have grip issues with the PR4s?

No mate but the 5s are noticeably stickier.

Might give the 5s a try next time round then.