Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

I had a new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT put on the back of my K1200S in April… checked it over this morning and noticed what appears to be a split in the tyre… doesn’t look like it was caused by a stone as the edges are ragged. It’s a little less that 1cm wide and approx 5mm deep.

Anyone else had a similar problem? I guess I’ll gave to take the bike down to FWR to see what they think… if it’s new tyre time after 4 months and no more than 1500 miles Ill be pretty pissed :angry:

I often get those in my 2ct Road Pilot 2s, and usually I find a sharp sliver of flint or glass lurking within (and I use my ignition key to prise it out).

My first thought was that it might have been a flint… but the edges don’t look right.

doubt you’d need to replace the tyre. do the spit test and see if any bubbles appear, if they do you may just need to get it plugged but i reckon its unlikely

i get all sorts of marks on my pilot powers like that but touch wood they very rarely turn into a proper puncture, as eezyrida says get your key out and poke around and there usually some glass in there

Pilot Power 2CT’s are quite soft tyres, so you will get marks/nicks/punctures fairly easily, espeically when filtering etc

if you get a a small hole liek that i’d advise against ‘digging’ out bits of glass etc, as you may well make it worse, if its not leaking air…leave it.

If you don’t pick out the bits out they will get pushed in further as the tyre wears causing more problems :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, there are foreign objects in the tyre, I checked, no poking required :smiley:

I’ll pop it along to FWR and see what they think.

I think I’ve had stuff like that in most of my tyres. If your in a habit of riding around at 180+mph then I’d change the tyre. Otherwise I’d just keep an eye on it. Any tyre shop, as a business, should advise that to be on the safe side change it, as some punters would try to sue them if the tyre then fails!:stuck_out_tongue:

had a set put on my ZX10 for the first time this summer.

Think i’ll go back to using Bridgestone Battlax next time round.

TDJ- i’ve never had any problems?

chenna, are you joking!??

looks like cut

Use a Michelin Pilot Road 2 on the rear…Harder than a Pilot Power in the centre so less susceptible to punctures, but still soft at the edge so good grip in the corners. They last forever even on powerful bikes too.

I used them in combination with a Pilot Power 2CT on the front. I never got punctures on the front for some reason.

Same for me . . . I asked the garage I use why that is and they said the front tyre rolls over an object laying flat on the road and picks it up off the road just enough for the rear to roll over it at an angle sufficient for it to puncture the tyre.

i think there’s a lot of luck in this to be honest

i’ve had 2cts for years now and used to get puncture after puncture riding from east london. i dare say its more than likely due to the contrustruction out that way at the time.

haven’t had one for a few years now, altho now that i’ve written this i’ll be getting one tomorrow :wink:

off to go touch some wood…

Wipe up after - there’s a good lad…

Got two of those horizontal cuts on my rear Pilot Road 2’s. Only thing to worry about is the MOT. They have to be less than 18mm I think. My MOT place passed mine OK but did measure them. Mine were borderline just over 16mm if I remember, also they put an advisory on.

Afro (14/09/2010)

Use a Michelin Pilot Road 2 on the rear…Harder than a Pilot Power in the centre so less susceptible to punctures, but still soft at the edge so good grip in the corners. They last forever even on powerful bikes too.

Have to agree with Afro on this, tried 2ct’s on the tiger and hated them,wore out in no time:w00t: pilot road 2’s are my favorite tyre:)

I’m loving Corsa IIIs at the moment due to their hard compound bit being a bit wider than 2CTs (which are really easy to square off with a regular pillion)

Of course, both grip like no tomorrow etc etc…

i just use the curtains

i think i have the same tyres on my cb 500 (yeah i have cbr wheels) and i got them in 2008. they were made in 2007 i guess but they are in a very very good condition and i dont’ think i’ll be changing them till next year.
i like 'em , they are so soft and good for bad weather. we kinda tried our luck once and used them when it was snowing…bad idea…
ok, the point was that i found a couple of marks like the ones you have on yours and i think it’s because they are soft, that’s all.
and i’m a pillion on that bike and the tyres are not square …yet. i think the power of the bike is the main reason for square tyres.