MIB claim

Hi all,

If you may have perused my previous posts you will know that I came off my bike on a patch of diesel back at the end of March of this year and broke my femur. I was advised by Rider Support Services (RSS) to make a claim with the MIB for my personal injuries which I have now done.

I have now been contacted by a physiotherapist representing a company which acts for the MIB according to RSS.

My query is that since my claim is ongoing, who picks up the cost of the physiotherapist should the claim be rejected by the MIB? RSS have told me that MIB will foot the bill regardless of the outcome of the claim but I just want some confirmation to relax my worries.


The physio would be claimed back against the person held responsible so if the outcome of the insurance claim is against you then you will foot the bill. But if MIB are held responsible for the crash then you will not be liable to the bill.