Metropolis closed down?


So it’s true then? I just emailed the bloke who sold me a used Scrambler in August, and I get an auto reply saying he’s moved on as Metropolis is no more! I’m fuming…what am I meant to do now? I’m new to biking and don’t know a thing about any warranty, from Ducati or Metropolis. I feel like I’ve been cheated a bit actually. They must have known about this when I bought the bike.


Bit late to that party see this link,

From what people are saying in there it was about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot. In relation to the warranty, I’d look over the paper work to see if someone else under-wrote it, that may then offer somewhere else to cover it.

If not, you’re just going to have to suck this one up as a life lesson I’m afraid.


As above warranty on used vehicles is mostly covered by a third party provider and then mostly only covering major faults and defects. Check your paperwork. If you have no warranty paperwork then you have no warranty. If you do have warranty paperwork read the small print to see what’s covered and cross your fingers you never need to claim on it. Don’t think you’ve been done, most second hand vehicle warranties are not worth the paper their printed on and it is very unlikely there is any value or real worth to it.

How old is the motorcycle? There may be outstanding warranty from the manufacturer, contact them direct if your concerned.


Also, don’t assume that the people in the store knew… i dont know how metropolis is organised as a business but sometimes the people on the shop floor are the last to know, and are told that ‘until they hear further it’s business as usual’.

Cant promise that this is the case but it may be better for you to think this is what happened.


It’s a 15 plate, 8000 on the clock.

I’ll definitely be going through all the paperwork they gave me when I left with it back in August.


Did they not tell you of or advertise any warranty back then? I’d have thought that would have been a selling/buying benefit!

I’d expect it to be outside of manufacturer warranty save for any recalls, dealership warranty expired with the dealership and any other warranty should have been obvious at the point of sale.


How did you pay?

If you paid £100 or more on a credit card (such as just a deposit) then the card issuer is also liable for the goods sold being of reasonable quality and as described.

So should the bike develop a problem that you were not aware of when buying it, nor was it reflected in the price, and it is reasonable that it existed at the time you bought it then you can claim a refund from the card issuer to cover the repairs.

They may want to fight you on it, but so may a dealer try to get out of honouring a warranty. Obviously anything that can be considered natural wear and tear for its age would not be covered, though it does not sound as that should be relevant here as it is new enough.

But it is a consumer protection which exists after a company goes out of business, and includes buying used vehicles as well as new ones.

Even if paying in cash or by bank transfer, always pay a deposit by card because the legal protection will cover the full cost of the item.


Good luck with that Michael.
When I was working for that marvelous construction company, they changed the company name and therefore invalidating any insurance they underwrote under the old name.
They should have transferred the insurance to the new company, but they didn’t bother.
Scrambler guy, used bikes only have 3 months warranty from seller, if bike is less than 2 yo it’s still under Ducati warranty.