Metal work question - the leg kind, not the bike kind!

Have got to the point over the last week or so, where I can walk for several hundred metres with crutches with my bad leg fully weight-bearing, doing stairs etc without too much of an issue - much further and it starts to ache like buggery.

So, am having my screws out tomorrow - for anyone else who has had ankle/ lower leg metal work removed is it likely to set me back a bit, if so how long do you think it will take to get back to where I am now - obviously everyone is different, but would be get to an idea if possible.

Good luck sweetie. Remember to keep the screws :smiley:

It shouldn’t affect your recovery as the bones won’t be affected - but they will have to open the skin up to get to the screw - which will mean stitches and soreness for a few days as the flesh heals - but compared to broken bones a surgical flesh wound is a walk in the park - so don’t worry about it - it’s pretty routine.

I got hit by a car a few years back resulting in a compound fracture of the fib tib so I know the routine. Unfortunately it’s a relatively common part of the biking ‘experience’.

Be patient - you’ll be back to normal eventually. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you are healing well … remember apparently patience is a virtue when it comes to recovery …

That’s good news! I’m really happy for you Ally. You will be fine, it will be sore but as Ninja said, more likely related to screw removal than the bone.

Let us know afterwards how are you.


Sounds like you are doing well Ally. Never had metalwork so can’t comment on that but keep on with the exercise - its an important thing to get your movement back.

Ally good luck, and as Tom says, it’s just the wound that will slow you down

Nothing apparent about it.

Good luck Today Ally, hope all goes well. Thinking of you.

you’ll be back on your bike in no time. x