Mesh Network

I want to install a Mesh network in my parents gaff and maybe in mine. I’ve done some research but there doesn’t seem to be any standout brand or product so I thought I’d ask here. Is anyone using one already and are there are any recommendations?

The BT discs got good reviews in Computer Active but so did a Huawai set.

Have used the BT WholeHome mesh network solution for a few years. It’s okay, but not super reliable. One disc refuses to connect, despite all remediation attempts. Also spotty reliability/performance (reboots needed) when you feed ethernet into them so to work as an AP, and to boost local signal. Probably okay for smaller deployments.

Do not recommend Huawai due to security concerns.

Currently migrating to Ubiquity equipment.

Unfi equipment is great. works really well. UniFi / Network / Wi-Fi – Ubiquiti Store Europe

I’m got TP-Link Deco S4 with my Virgin router in modem mode and seems to work pretty well, and it was pretty good cost-wise as well.

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@nivag beat me to it Joby, if the budget allows get the dream machine and then another unifi AP (or APs) for elsewhere in the house.

Give me a shout if you want some advice on it, but for me that is my go to. But you’ll probably not get much change out of £400 (dream machine + 1 AP) so it ain’t cheap.

Although you could just get standard ISP router and then some unifi disc that will work just as well and you’d be looking about £250.

Plus, you manage those remotely so you could help your parents without even being there.

This sales pitch was bought to you by Unifi :smile: :smile:

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I’ve had the BT one for four years, running four discs, and it’s been pretty good. Had a failed disc one month before end of the warranty and they replaced the entire set up.

Not a huge amount to customize, have two networks set up and it’s been plug and play. 100mb Virgin Media and seems to cope well with me working from home plus two teenagers who can’t survive with less than two devices on at the same time

TPlink is the basic standard. Unify or Ubiquity for something good. I’ve heard Rukus are good but no experience with them.

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I use an Asus RT-AX92 WiFi 6 Tri-Band with just one AP for a terraced house and garden. For me its 100% solid and a doddle to set up meshed or otherwise.

You can mesh them with a cable (obvs better) or wireless backhaul. I bought one thinking I might need another to mesh, in practice, one us enough for me.

£175 on Amazon.

I bought these for my apartment and then replicated them for my Dad’s old 4 bedroom detached house. Mine was the earlier version, but both have been faultless and very easy to position and set-up! Great value too on Amazon!!

TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Seamless and Speedy (AC1200) for Large Home, Work with Amazon Echo/Alexa, Router and WiFi Booster Replacement, Parent Control, Pack of 3

4.6 out of 5 stars 7,670


Ex IT guy here. I’ve used and recommended TP Link products for years. Several months ago I upgraded our home network to MESH using three TP Link Deco M5 units I bought from John Lewis for £149 and I don’t think I’ve had an easier or more effective installation. We had a Virgin router which I’d already set up as modem mode and this fed the M5’s. It took less than 10 minutes to setup using mobile phone.

More recently I cancelled our Virgin Media account and got a Three 5G Hub as our internet provider, saving us £65 per month! Moving the TP Link mesh system over to it was incredibly easy too.

Unifi work well but I found them complicated to set up and very expensive. Performance overall didn’t justify the outlay or time and trouble.

The BT discs work well enough but if you have to deal with BT support then good luck! Cheaper options abound.
There are security issues with Huawai but tbf they wouldn’t really affect the average user, in my opinion. Their equipment is installed all over the place so home routers are not in the front line.

yer, to be fair Unifi is not really aimed at the home market even their cheapest range is still in the corporate pricing band once you get used to the interface they are pretty good.