Merry Christmas everybody

and wishing you all a fulfilling, peaceful and content New Year

I’ll have some of that!
Happy Chrimbo right bACK AT YA!

merry christmas to all the people of londonbikers

All the best to one and all


Yup, what they all said. (Would have written more, but my fingers don’t work when liver is soaked in vino… got to be pissed on Christmas Eve wrapping presents, it’s tradition!!!)

Merry Christmas everyone, i can’t wait to open those pressies with the ‘silver bows’ hurry up & get ya ass round here flat’s

Merry christmas back to you.

It`s gone 6am and my kids are still asleep.

Merry Xmas all, we can see who gets excited John, why u up now? lol

Im always up early, but this morning is special and weve opened up the pressies.

Tell the truth, you were just too excited, wanted to see if Santa had come

Merry Christmas all

Hope you all have a good Xmas and that the New Year brings everything you wish for

Right that’s enough Xmas cheer for one year… Bah humbug

Happy holidays guys !! just like to whish everyone the bestest year of all . it shall be o so exciting.

HAPPY easter!!!

Merry Christmas chaps

And a merry crimbo to all the London bikers…

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all.