Merican iron butt style

Kinda takes the challange out of the iron butt riding. He likes his wings though ,he has 3 of those .
the thread is a good read he has put alot of work into it .

And here’s me struggling to get 1 sat nav to work, I feel quite pathetic now…

holy sat nav batman!

thats bonkers!

Buy a car! :w00t:

Speaking of car, he put a car tyre on his bike! :w00t:

Then was surprised it was rubbish at cornering! :w00t:

what is with septics and takin the fun out of cornering?

I don’t get how someone would challenge the design and physics of a motorcycle. Also, the endless engineers of bikes and tyre manufacturers that have perfected how a motorcycle turns, by just going, ‘I’m sticking a car wheel and tyre on this b*tch!’.


Link to car tyre part?

I randomly clicked on page 11 and there was a pic of a satellite dish on the front, so I think it might have degenerated into piss-taking somewhere along the line…

Bottom of page 6 and beyond

challengin the physics is how things move forward…
dicking around with the unridable, and annoyingly enormous is NOT the same thing, its just empires frittering away their values by showing off their wealth with UTTERLY pointless projects…

You should see the trailer setup that goes with it :laugh:

post 148 sums it up

You actually read the comments?!? … what were you expecting to find, some sort of justification for this idiocy? A surprise post that makes you think, wow, I see what he’s here, it IS awesome?!?