Memorial Ride 2009 - Charity - Riders for Health

Message from Weaver re the Ride:"Hi Each,

Just wanted to let you know that this year’s charity will be the Riders for Health charity. This charity provides bikes & 4 wheel vehicles and maintenance for them for medical workers in Africa so that they can get medicine and treatment to people who need it instead of having to walk 15/20 miles to their patients.

We have chosen this charity in memory of a lovely person Aki, who sadly died in January. He was an LB member though I think only posted once years ago - some of you may know him from other forums I believe he used the same name - Rossidude46. His partner, BikerBeth on TLB - some of you will know, tells me it was his favourite charity so we feel it would be an appropriate one to chose.

I have set up a Just Giving Memorial Ride 2009 page already. We are asking people coming on the ride for £10 per bike if you can manage it - more would be lovely and if you can’t come, feel free to donate anyway!

I know it’s early in the year to start the ball rolling, but it gives everyone time to save up. A reminder - it’s Sunday 2nd August this year. Will bump this up nearer the time to remind everyone. Clacton again hopefully.

Thanks for your patience with the long post. :slight_smile:

RIP Aki." Should have said - people can pay on the day but if you use the Just Giving site then more money goes to the charity in the form of tax relief if you are a UK tax payer and it saves time on the day. I think you can use Paypal as well as credit/debit cards. Please put your forum name and forum with the donation record so we don’t demand money with menaces on the day! Cheers

just donated, hope its enough…lol

Yeh but Ginge? just WHAT…have you donated??? :w00t:

Re the ride, if not away on hols (havent decided date yet) i will be there :slight_smile:

Debz and I will be along for this again this year :cool:

I’ll be there again

Any chance of a mod stickying this thread ???

Just giving this a bump to remind people about the ride and to ask if you are coming to please pay through the Just Giving site to both save time on the day and to ensure the charity gets the extra money from the Government! :smiley:

Done :smiley:

Thanks much Trisckie