Memorable Sunday Rides

Morning all,
Well today there are about 6 rides going on to suit all shapes, sizes and temperaments. :smiley: it made me think that nothing much beats heading out of the door on a day like today, finding some good roads to play on and having a decent lunch.
So have you got any memorable or inspiring ride outs that stick in the mind (even from today later on ) - maybe brilliant roads, or loads of fords, hail .and gravel, or ending up in Norfolk when you wanted to go to Brighton? I’m not talking about touring across Mongolia or your time in the Sahara so much here, more just your common and garden rides :slight_smile:
Stay safe and have a fantastic day out.

A year ago. First fast paced ride out I had with the Multistrada.
Beloved classic route to Chipping Norton, with Flats on his R1, Rixxy on the 1098 and JC on the 1198.
Still fresh in my memory the adrenaline pumping through my veins :slight_smile:

Some years ago. The BCR with Sneaky, MadDog & Asbo. Two up in torrential rain. The sun came out at Finchingfield for the return trip. Unforgettable. :cool:

That is a hard question…memorable ones include;

A crackling Jetstream ride-out to Diss for lunch.

A jaunt out with R1franc and a few others to the seaside (slightly marred by the sight of R1franc coming out of the sea in his underwear). :ermm:

Following Rixxy on his ‘quick route’ back to London the wrong way up the M11 after a long day playing on B roads

Brugge for lunch with Rioting (fat Alan) Rob and Dan GT

A run down to a classic car show in Arundel led by Jaime and Claire (the day my engine ate itself and I got bothered by about a million wasps)

The list is endless.
For those who haven’t yet taken part in an LB ride-out…you’ve missed so much, go get stuck in!

Best UK Ride.

Been on so many its hard to choose one, But yesterdays ride to Finchingfield was Great just for the fact there was 15 of us and all on Different styles of Bikes, I’ve only ever done all Sports Bikes and maximum of around 5-6 of us so Yesterday was something new and i really enjoyed it, so does go pretty high on my List

Worst Uk Ride.

a few years ago went to the NEC for the Bike show, beautiful ride through london heading up to Brum on some nice snakey roads and halfway there the heavens opened and the worst torrential downpour started, as we were halfway we decided to stick it out and spent the day at the show like drowned rats!!!

Best Euro Ride.

Goes without saying, The French Alps with all the twisties, beautiful scenery, Mountain Tunnels and amazing Tarmac. After finishing them I wanted to turn round and do it all again, i can honestly say i’ve never smiled so much in all my life on a bike. If anyone is contemplating this, then you MUST do it, it should be the number one on every Bikers Bucket List. This was then followed the next day by Flying through the Tunnel on the Monaco F1 circuit on the way to Monte-Carlo. AMAZING!!!1

Worst Euro Ride.

Haven’t had a bad Ride in Europe, but the scariest has to be cooking the brakes on my Blade whilst riding the Pyranees. Lost pretty much all power to my brakes as i’d never rode roads like that before and they went from open twisties to really tight 90 degree bends with sheer drops that would kill you without hesitation in the space of 2 bends!!. That is one that will stick with me for a long time.

Some years ago. The BCR with Sneaky, MadDog & Asbo. Two up in torrential rain. The sun came out at Finchingfield for the return trip. Unforgettable. Cool

That was a fun day even tho i was running on road legal slicks and was losing traction all morning, was interesting watching a 2up bike missing the left turn when there was only a left to take :smiley: but jets you forgot the lunch bcr that went very wrong for me, flat tyre, broken clutch lever there and total loss of engine resulting in me staying at finch for hours for recovery lol

The afro tom tom tour to burnham was funny, never worked out well but still was a laugh. must make more effort to ride my bike :frowning:

Some things that happened on the 12 Lakes and mountain pass day out in the Lake District with Mr Jet still make me laugh. :smiley: And then again Chris getting done for speeding in Glasgow on the RBLR1000 in 2009. :frowning:

Most dangerous ride was trying to get out of Millau in France after getting snowed in (I have the video somewhere) :slight_smile:

Most Varied trip was leaving Reykjavik in Iceland after completing a lap of the island 1000 Miles in 19 hours. I left Reykjavik at 8am and managed to get to Dolgellau in North Wales for 7.30pm dinner. This trip involved a GS650/Taxi/Bus/Plane/Bus/Car/GSXR1000K9. :smiley:

Most of the BCR’s, the LB France trip in 08 was a good one:)

That time we went to Wales for the day and there was “domestic” in the middle of a mountain pass.

When I went to Yorkshire with Alex and Cindy for the day, that was a good run too.

Barmouth for Ice Cream one Sunday afternoon sitting at OYB 11am

Regular “the suns out & Dawn hasn’t made plans so the bikes coming out” rides - A1416 & A413 and then back!

Regular “No plans booked on purpose” Rides - Down to Devon, mess around near Dartmoor and back along the coastal road!

Regular Weekend rides - the Wales trips with Mark & Ang (next Friday WOOOOOHOOOOO) :smiley:

Abroad - The most memorable and the best is the tour around Nepal with Dawn and Blazing Trails… EPIC! However 10 Countries in 10 Days is coming up in July :smiley:

Your Nepal trip sounded awesome Sean - saw Dawn’s pics on Facebook :slight_smile: have often dreamed of a ride like yours around Nepal - it’s a beautiful country.

I find every ride is memorable in some way - despite so many of the winter ones ending up in hailstorm or hypothermia situation - but I remember when I was a bit younger attempting to ‘off road’ a cbr 250 with my old pal Jacob who taught me to ride, getting lost in a wood after attempting to follow a group of Ktm riders on my old Honda Bros and taking the old Hornet on a BCR. I always enjoy riding with Martin and have had some great jaunts to kick off this year with lbers , enjoying the odd ford, mud and gravel. Plus some weird rides like the screaming woods one…

I don’t know about you folks, but sometimes when I am out on the bikes on a good day, nothing much beats the happiness and exhilaration :slight_smile: