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@ Changyammi, i got them off ebay, i’ve also bought the carbon shorty levers since this pic. Look up STRADA 7 mirrors and levers.


How on earth do I post a pic?

It seems I can post a text reply here, but that’s it. I could try and do one of those pictures using letters, but that would be a bit shit really.

Either I’m being a retard, or the forum is far from intuitive.


Like this! :-p


The Riot had a re-spray?


Nice bikes guys!!

Tribal Chestnut, just past the URL of the image in your post and it’ll show.


I’ve got the image I can copy but not paste, haven’t a clue about a URL. I’m 36 FFS, sounds far too technical for me.

No one’s missing much though, was only going to stick up a pic of my old Thundercat that I’ve just got rid of.


The easiest way to show you sexy bike pics is to use an online host, eg, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket etc, then copy and past the long address that’ll be at the top of the screen. If I can do it, anyone can!


I guess I’d better update my thead post then


Only so we can remember what it looked like un-molested!

Lovely bike though. Well done :wink:


The stable…


Nice bikes :slight_smile:




Here is the XJ6 in Liverpool, before I moved to London :slight_smile:


Hooray another xj6!
Nice Akro on there mate. Looks like a custom paint job too.


Cheers :slight_smile:

It’s actually a can from MTC but I put an akrapovic sticker on it! Cheeky haha it sounds good though.

Many XJ6 on here? I’ve seen a few knocking about. There’s a white one that parks by elephant and Castle, and I’ve seen a girl on a black/grey XJ6N a few times heading down into central London around Holloway.

Good to see them about, they’re pretty rare back up north.

I did the paint myself, it’s plastidip so I can peel it off when I get bored.


cruisers rock


Nice colour scheme LD13 :slight_smile:

Same to PaulaDe!



licks screen :slight_smile:


Boom! Or is that boom, boom, boom, boom? Love it Sean.