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My new beast











You may need to rename your pics and then post again.


Thumper 3


so that’s you filtering past me on the north circular!

i keep trying to catch up to see what bike it is



CBR600RRA repsol 2013


My 1600cc


Sportsbike crew does this just not look like a whole load of fun to you? Whats that David Bowie song? if we could be hooligans just for one day…lol :hehe:


Oh and remember this non supermoto riders…


I bet supermoto’s are lots of fun. I learnt to ride a bike when I was early teens and that was on Motorcrossers over fields etc, they are similar to SuperMoto’s in a way.

I would love one as a toy but where would you take it?


Anywhere you want!

I take my greenlaning around the twistys, even had it around the Indy circuit at brands. Used to do a few supermoto days down at lydd but it seems to have gone quite, they did start a supermoto track at brands but they packed up I think.

Spend most my time around the twistys now and sliding into corners.great for blasting about and then doing a few byways on.

You can take a speed hump at 40 and your arse won’t even come off the seat


lol. sounds mental!!


WRs are wicked machines :slight_smile:


thats pretty cool!


One the ridge road at beachy head - just out of shot is the world’s largest collection of pot-holes



First bike, been riding since March and going well…


A little look at my “Beast”


Where did you get your mirrors from James? They look great.


Ch, ch, check it out bitchachos.

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