Mega Motorcycle Store - Swindon - PRAISE

Well, my gtx TCX S-Race boots finally split a seam on the left boot by the zip randomly; but after two road crashes and one off track excursion and also being run over by some mong-head on my way to the LB meet, thats not too bad after three years.
So I had my eye on a pair of TCX RS-2’s for a bit and now seemed like the best excuse as they’re on sale here for £158 posted. I ordered them on a Monday afternoon and tried em on Tuesday morning! I was pretty chuffed at that, but even more so after the call I just made. I only just noticed that the right boot was without an inner sole :ermm: So I called the guy on the store number and he said he’d send one out. Good work, Mega Motorcycle Store! :smiley:

I bought my TCX boots from there but instore. I spent ages trying on different boots (wide feet) and they have a very good selection.
Managed to get a few quid knocked off at the till too (don’t ask, dont get!)
Burger bar outside not too bad either :smiley: