Meet new Bikers

Hi all, I’m new in here and looking for buddies to meet up or ride out. I’m 29 yo Italian Motörhead proud owner of a Suzuki gsx650f based in camberwell, London
please feel free to share events or come along and say hi :wink: I hope to meet many and shared the passion for bikes


You’ll fit in well here, There is pleanty of other Italians on here.

Come along to Newbie Night tonight at the Ace Cafe. I also ride a GSX650F, although I’ll be there on the DRZ tonight.


Hi Simon,
Thanks for the invite :)…I will have a look at the weather forecast for tonight if is good I’ll come along (y)
Can we swap numbers or facebook? as I don’t know anyone, it would be nice to know someone already B)


Thanks Sam for welcoming :slight_smile: (y)

there’s a Facebook event for it here

Thanks nivag

Welcome! And don’t forget Every Wednesday night meet up at Borough Market - from about 6pm - til whenever :slight_smile:

Thanks pricetta;) I hope weather will be good enough to come along