Media Player for TV's suggestions

So off the back of the TV suggestions.

I’m going to get the kids a tv for crimbo but dont want to fork out for something as flashy as mine, so going to get a cheaper tv but get something to plug in so they can watch films from the media centre.

Never having bought one, and there is a poop load on the market anyone here got one and how good is it…

I use XBMC which of course uses DNLA so just something that will connect through it, I was looking at the Cyclone Andriod X2 but I’m thinking this is probably a little over kill for what I want.


Forgot to mention will need to connect through wifi

I did a bit of research on these android sticks and was pointed at this unit 312467-Uhost 2 Dual Core Android TV Box Mini PC RK3066 Cortex-A9 1.6GHZ 1GB RAM 4G ROM with WIFI/Skype/XBMC—Black: I haven’t got one as yet, but will be doing so soon.


I was just looking up Raspberry Pi’s anyone used one of these?

yer that looks similar to the cyclone x2. I mean they are cheap enough but will see what happens as at £50 ish might just get a cheaper smart tv… Kids are not going to care as long as they can watch peppa pig or whatever the latest fad is.

In that case have a look here the guy that runs this forum seems to know his onions, he’s the one who pointed me at the Uhost2 as he’s used it now for quite a while and, unlike most of it’s competitors it gets real support from it’s manufacturer.


My brother has it linked to his TV, running something called NaviX on it. He swears by it now… :slight_smile: