Mechanic's gloves?

I normally use disposable gloves (or none at all) when working on the bike. Does anyone have experience with anything more sturdy that doesn’t need to be replaced constantly? For instance, I just came across these “mechanics” gloves from Muc-off:

With a sponge? Sign me up!!

No but seriously, these are the same thing

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Ive not used those ones, but have similar ones.

Take a little getting used to, but are fine after that, even the thicker ones. The backs are not water (or oil) proof, so the back of your hand might still get dirty.

Mechanix are the common brand amongst people who do it for a living afaik

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Get on down to your local Screwfix. I use these, a little stiff to start but they soon soften up.

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I use cheap multi-use workman gloves from B&Q. They last quite a while and are way better than latex cloves which either break, or don’t keep you warm (a point for consideration at this time of year).


I use thin gloves like the Dex Fit with latex gloves inside so I can whip off the outer gloves for the small tasks and put them back on for the bigger ones.