Mechanical help needed pleasey

Hi Gang

I cant get the rear wheel spindle out of my 2003 R1. It seems stuck on the left (sprocket) side. What am I missing?



I have been tapping it with a mmer. Just thought I better check that there aint summit that I’m missing before I start smashing the outa it.!

you must have taken the split pin out to undo the nut (if there was one)… perhaps caught on the chain tension block? i don’t remember what the back of an R1 looks like!

Split pin?

It has started moving now, but I think I mullered the nut!

no no no no no no wd40 will remove your precious dirt off your bike:D

Done! I used the MD method…a bigger mmer!:slight_smile:

de-rust the spindle and grease it before it goes back in

Thank for the warning MD!:smiley: Dont worry, theres plenty more where that came from!:wink:

Now where have I heard that before!:Whistling: Thanks for the tip!:cool:

Use Copper ease, having cleaned the spindle first and all bushes, spacers etc etc…

Ah, I have used LM grease now?:angry: