Me new bike

Well can’t find the right Busa, so have decided to wait till the winter months but I need to be on two wheels…so just got this to bridge the gap:)

oooooh GOOD CHOICE on the thou! and now you can join the Massive! :hehe:

nice mo nice!!!

no.27 me thinks;)

It is such fun:D you can throw it all over and it don’t bite back:w00t: LOVE IT!OH! and only £140 fully comp:cool:All I need now is a set of cans, anyone got any good ones going cheepish??

ooh you sly ol dog you… very nice too, nice blue.:slight_smile:

Thats one smart looking bike. Very nice. Good buy :smiley:

Hooray! That’s a great colour… :smiley:

Is it a brand-new one?

Nice SV;) Check out good source of tech info.

So where you gonna put the Boss and the top box? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blimey Mo, nice gap filler!!! But where are you gonna put the cake :w00t:

Mmmm smaakelijk as the Dutch say. Does look edible.

The Boss fits ok:) not sure about the box though, working on it:)

No it’s a 04:)

Very nice Mo:cool:

Welcome to the Vee Side;)


Saw a ridiculously tricked out busa at Virgin Active in Bromley this morning.

I saw a lovely pair of Yoshi cans at powerpuffgirl’s house today, just begging to be reunited with an SV thou;)

Lol PM me if youre interested or want more pics - thanks Chunks - give them to you for £200, Busa - Viggen was thinking about it but said he couldnt do anything about it until he gets back from Poland and I need to sell these. Let me know shortly or I will list on ebay. Theyre road legal and emarked and Ive got all the bracketry. Happy to bring them to a meet for you to look at, or the unit is a nice little rideout from North London (Stevenage) and you could have a look there.They have baffles if you want to put them back in :w00t: and they - um - shoot flames and are quite noisy… :D:hehe:Ta. Gabs.

Just my luck, only just checked this, I have just won a set of Carbon Can Co cans on flebay, but thanks for the offer I would have had them.

no worries - they are now on ebay - along with a load of other stuff (Keep an eye on it - we are having a mass clearout)…

Nice bike, But you make it sound like your made of money.