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Hope you peeps do not me joining in on your site, I live in Sunny Essex, near the pier at Southend. And do’not get in to town very often. I am Also a Member of EAMG at Chelmsford. Could do with your advise on a scenic twisty route from the Dartford Bridge down to Boxhill then Rye and Back.

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Hi and welcome to LB. Sorry, can’t be much help with the route

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Welcome dude. I live right by the dartford crossing. I’ll check on the map and PM you a route, I know it in my head but can’t recall the road names and numbers without checking first. It’s a great route, past Brands Hatch and then along the A25 to the A24 all the way.

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Welcome aboard - do you want a fast route or a ‘technical’ one?

Frankly best bet is A13/M25 to Surrey/Sussex and then never go on anything but ‘B’ and unclassified roads once there. You stay at NSL and have some fun to boot.

Just beware of ‘yourself’ coming the other way (halve your braking distance) and the back roads will become your playground.

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