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Me_groovy's pro tip of the day 23-08-2020

Don’t leave your tomtom on the bars when it’s a heatwave interspersed with torrential rain.
The seal on mine between the screen glass and casing has failed so when it gets wet, it makes a nice bubble of condensation behind the glass right in the middle and the screen throws a wobbly.

Now scraping the sealant off the frame very carefully before attempting to reseal.

Good luck!

Good luck Groovy, if it doesn’t work out I’ve got one up for sale.

How did this go @me_groovy?

Still working on it, got the right sort of sealant delivered, now just working up the courage to do it.

Also, got distracted disassembling the dirt bike and making a saw rack.

If it’s cactus throw it up on ebay as spares or repair. They make good money even in that state.