Me_groovy's pro tip of the day 23-03-19

No. You’re not that stupid.

Doing the valve clearance check on the Tuono today with the help of big_red_s. Looked in the workshop manual for the tolerances, can’t find them. Am I blind? Am I missing a trick? Is the manual missing a section?

No. Turns out Because Aprilia used the same exact engine in the Tuono, Mille and Falco, they made a separate engine manual. I didn’t have that.

As it was, the rear cylinder is within spec.

Getting to the rocker cover bolts on the front however, that’s a different problem.

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Good job! I take it you haven’t got to the front yet then?

Radiator off and change the coolant while you’re in there. You know it makes sense and mores the chance to cock something up :rofl:

Tried to take the rad off today. 2 rusted bolts and 1 chewed head that needed drilling out, I’m getting closer! There’s 1 bolt for the front I can’t get at and I can feel the paint flaking off around it so I don’t hold out much hope that it’s going to come out easy.

A goodly soak with GT85 or similar penetrating fluid/maintenance spray then ease them free with a small mole grip, make sure you get a good grip first time as there is not too often a second bite on that cherry. Alternatively centre punch or small cold chisel and ball pein to lightly tap the little blighter free.

what is the extra geared cog for & the middle shaft ?

balancer shaft I would guess, it’s weighted.

What is the yellow bit?

Flux capacitor.

But really it seems to be a runner for the cam chain to keep it taught to the balancer gear and across the cams.

“Flux capacitor” Really? That sucker’s nuclear?