me bike

just a couple of pics of me new ride.

pleased as punch am i, clean bike, new staimless system and new hagon shock, picked it up for a very reasonable price.

Blimey that is clean.

What do you want me seat for, its a piece of **** compared to that?

Very tidy indeed.

Looks nicer than that little electric car I saw you driving :Whistling:

how dare you, it was not me!

i saw you l8r same day too, end of drummond.

Its how can i say it, too comfy/padded, lol

Someone’s nicked your rim tape;):smiley:

Just wish I had a camara with me :PYeh I saw you as I pulled out of Drummond, never had time to stop mate. Had a couple of packages on that were a bit late :wink: But I’m always over that way, back at the old company, I’ll keep me eye out for ya :slight_smile:

nice mate! welcome to bandit land. I bought mine as a commuter or cheap alternative rather than signing my life away with a higher purchase. However I love it so much I cant see me selling her till she has 50k on her. And even then I’ll probably keep it in the garage as a beloved monument to jap engineering.

bandit = 2 words… Bullet Proof :smiley: