McQueens, Shoreditch

Its supposed to be cool

But is it cool enough for me :wink:

been ?


dish it

Am going tomorrow with twin girls :smiley:

Twin girls eh? - sounds like you’re batting above your average as Lagos-Bleu would say:D

I’ve done lunch with twin girls. And their Mum.

Now your’e showing off ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he has bragging rights… Depending on their ages :smiley:

It’s round the corner from where I work so I’ve been a few times. It’s OK as “trendy” city bars go. Can get a bit a crowded but they do have waitresses who will get your drinks for you so you don’t have to keep going to the bar.

I’ve looked at the menu a few times (lots of steaks) but not had a meal in there, looks good though.

Rumour has it that pole dancers appear later on on some nights but I’m yet to see them!