MCE Insurance

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience of MCE Insurance? I.e. Do they actually pay out if your bike is stolen / catches fire?

I know they are a big company, but they doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, as my dad found out when he was insured with Bennett’s!



Bennetts and MCE have had a lot of very poor press from what I’ve seen. Bennetts will lie to you, easily worth spending a little more to get good insurance.

Got a good quote from MCE, and then read the small print, and then not so cheap, and not as comprehensive as Carole Nash.

Search through praise and shame section and you will see a number of posts about MCE from disgruntled customers. I had to make a complaint to the insurance ombudsman before I could get MCE to reply.

mce insured a Q plate bike Ive got at a reasonable price…so cant complain :slight_smile:

so far i’m impressed by their response to my smidsy, i’ll keep u informed

mCE seem ok. been with them since feb. price was alright, if you pay over installments they add on a small chunk so check that out first.

i had an accident with a bus and they have passed me on some solicitors called New Law. been 6 months now and claim is not processed. But to clarify i did have a choice to go through the sol’s or the insurers. it’s just third party being twats and holding things up…