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McAMS / Bond Turner - Shame

Six years ago someone knocked my motorcycle over. McAMS gave me a loan bike and instructed their solicitors to pursue the third party. I paid to have my motorcycle repaired.
Six years later, nothing. Don’t use these charlatans.

Do not get me started on McSHAMS. A company full of people who don’t give a sh*t.

Took them six weeks to repair my bike (fair enough) but then called me on the hour every hour to get the loan bike back to them as soon as it was ready.

Now, bear in mind I sent the video of my accident (clear cut illegal U turn by private taxi) after a year they had not even watched it. So many gate keepers that I had to threaten them with going to the ombudsman if someone did not sort it out.

I’m with you steer well clear of these guys. They also got me a sh*tty deal on the payout as well.

I’m really shocked these guys still get business, unfortunately they are heavily endorsed by garages who gets business from them and there’s a lot of ignorance on what you should be doing if you have an accident.

Generally speaking, your insurance is who should take care of your accident. If you choose your insurance well you shouldn’t have any issues.

But it is often the insurers/ brokers who use them. MCE tried to persuade me to use them when my bike was knocked over and they offered me replacement bike etc.

Luckily I had my other bike to use so wanted to avoid weird challenges on my claim that would prolong me getting paid out, and took my bike to a local trusted garage.

How weird that they take so long to fix something when you have a courtesy bike of theirs they can charge out at ridiculous rates. Such an odd and fortuitous coincidence for them…

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Ergo ‘if you choose your insurance well’ :grin:

I’m not going to shame publicly who advised me to use McAms, at the time I seeked advice from the wonderful T.C. who I can never thank enough.

Oh yeah missed that :joy:

@silveR6 That’s very nice of you to say, but you made me blush. :flushed:

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