Mayday Run

Its coming round to that time of year again for the annual Hastings Mayday Rideout and just wondered how many LBer’s are gonna go?

For those who don’t know check this out for background details:

certainly will be, we normally join the A21 at tonbridge hopefully the weather will hold out, or will we get the normal may day soaking??

Last year got well and truly soaked!!

Got nothing else planned for that day/weekend so should be up for it, fingers crossed the weather does us a favor and it stays dry! :smiley:

Was a bit miz going down there last year, we didn’t hang around for long.

Had great ride back through Ashdene forest route & the sun came out. Then got knocked off by the dur-brain car driver that I stopped to let pull out,coming back inot S E London.

Was able to ride bike home, but no sooner had we got going & the heavens opened. Claim still not resolved

So not to sure this year.

Yep should be going!

Ive always missed this one, not sure if im working so ill have to consult my bit of paper i guess i will be, sure Gilly would like to too now she isnt on a pesky 125…

I remember some nice roads down to hastings

I’m going to try and make it as I may have to pull out of the brands hatch day now which I’m seriously not impressed about…

Learner friendly?

are talking to me???:smiley:

Im learner friendly jus when ya birds on 125 and your on 1000, sometimes that wait at the next roundabout can be a while… you catch my drift

I’d definately be up for this. :slight_smile:

Have been down once before but not on a bike…Fingers crossed for the weather.

No, I didn’t mean you :slight_smile:

I meant the day in general. Although it’s nice to know where you stand on the subject :smiley:


I heard tho from one of my mates at work who normally does the mayday run that the route is quite heavy with police etc? He got fined for speeding last mayday run lol ><

Yes mate it is a learner friendly route you just have to follow the A21 down to Hastings. I would leave early as there are normal a few thousand bikes heading to Hastings.

Both The Sleeper and Sincere have done the journey on 125’s and as Flat’s said there are some nice bits of road down to Hastings.

Yes there is a lot of police but to be honest in places with the amount of bikes on the road its a good job there are as many police as there are.

The trick is not to speed in front of the police, good test of observance.

i might be going on this…:w00t:

it would be good to see you Westie, long run for you though.

Im gonna go on this - should be a good day! :cool:

Depends on the “blunt trauma to the ulna nerve” (see previous post some weeks back) but that’s getting better by the day. (At last.)

Have a good feeling about this (and a new rainsuit to try out) so might give it a crack.

Apart from getting soaked, falling off in the rain, getting nicked for speeding or having to give up due to pain, what’s the worst that can happen?


(Death is the great relief. Yup. That’s the worst that can happen.)

Yep i’ll be there - count us in.

Starts right outside my old flat!!!