May Day – Wrong Way

I had to ride from just outside Hastings up the A21 towards London this morning just as pretty much every other Biker was going the other way (Red, White and Blue Fireblade, Red and Black Leathers, just in case you saw me) . . . Wow, did it look absolutely awesome seeing all those bikes!!

I know it must be fantastic to ride in that never-ending pack of bikes, but trust me, riding the other way and taking in the sheer magnificence and power of that number of bikes was phenomenal.

Nice to see a few supporters out along the way waving and cheering everyone on.

PS: I now see why they call Harley-type bikes Hogs – they need a ton of space, they can’t filter cos they’re too big and just hold everyone else up! :smiley:

i went down earlyish , got to hastings at about 10.30am

glad i did , because on may way back at 12.55 ish the trafffic was backing up for miles and miles going into hastings …

yes i know what you mean about those bloody harley things , and bmw riders too …USE YOUR BLOODY MIRRORS , AND DON’T RIDE ALONG THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

Opposite for me, I didnt leave home till about 12ish (sun was shining so thought why not) but what a nice run, loads of people on the side waving so you just had to wave back:D felt good. stopped off at a pub near to Hastings sitting outside chatting and watching the bikes go by, Thought i spotted some LBers Ginger was with some others while i was riding along the front, but after parking didnt see anymore…shame, so what with riding to Norwich on Sat, then back Sun, Ive put about 500 + miles on the clock this week-end, It felt GREAT!

What a great day out in Hastings today… (just got back)

1000’s of bikes out along the seafront…

Must admit the traffic stacking up coming back up the A21 was pretty bad. Most bikers being sensible… enjoying the sunshine…

be interesting to see how many actually turned up…

ps: Never did get my fish and chips… too busy!!! bring on next year.

Didn’t make it as the dodgy hand packed up at Tonbridge after a nice country ride with Import 125 and Lessismore so I know what you mean about about watching the pack going the other way.

Two memories. A dozen or two Ducati riders just south of Bromley at 9:00 ish. Awsome sight and sound.

A pack of Triumphs (mainly) going for it on the A21 south of Sevenoaks with a guy on a Night Rod happily with them while tuning in his graphics equiliser, or whatever Hog owners do to fill in the time. (They’re not all road blocks.)

Just had a nice morning.

brilliant day out, the sound of all those bikes was awesome! slightly sunburnt face, but nil desporandum.

And I did manage to get some fish and chips in as well :smiley: