May Day 13 Hours out and About

Well just want to say i had a fantastic day yesterday.

After a few hours at work i met up with Tiggi and then we met Ricky - Martin and Kev at the ace around 10.45. We’d managed to pick up a guy on a Moto Guzzi which he absolutely belted along on considering it was 20 years old. We also picked up a German/Polish chap and one of the other LB’ers Dave.

Martin led us through London and down the A3 across to Leatherhead where we then stopped at Boxhill for a cuppa.

As we were then in my neck of the woods i took over for the following route and picked a choice route with some testing roads :slight_smile:

We arrived in Hastings around 3pm after several stops for refreshment and had fish and chips on the beach. We bumpeded into Lustfish, Zeph, Fishface and a guy on a busa whos LB name i dont know.

After a chat and a wander we decided to have a coastal ride to Brighton where much fun and frolicks were had on the pier with Tea and cakes and a couple of pier rides. Ricky - Martin bottled it, the big pansies!!!, But Tiggi, me, Kev and Shewolf went on the booster which was brilliant fun!

To cap the day off we left at 9pm from Brighton and took a fairly straight route back to the Ace with a few little detours along some other nice roads i know on the way.

We got to the Ace about 10.35 and the nice bar guy made us all a cuppa after hearing about our long journey.

A few wheelies up and down past the ace and a short ride home later i managed to hit the sack about 11.45pm So all in all a great day and a big thanks to all the guys that were along on the ride who made it really enjoyable! :slight_smile:

They were nice routes indeed, would recommend them for a nice ride out, some nice village pubs to stop at for refreshments on the way as well :slight_smile:


Good company always helps to make a day more enjoyable, thanks guys, hope to do it again now the weather seems to be on the turn :wink:

Was indeed a cracking day!

i LOVED the blank expression on your face when i was saying hello before you realised who the hell it was…

great day thanx guys


thanks for the great day.

See more pics here: May Day bank holiday bike rally

Hope to see you soon


It looked awesome! You should have stopped off in Eastbourne cos I couldn’t make it to Brighton :frowning:

(for people who don’t know, eastbourne is in between Hastings and Brighton!)

I so wanted to go :frowning: When you coming down this way again?

yer was a awsome day went down with a load off 2ts got moned at by the biker copper in locks bottom thou for riding in2 a 1way 2 park lool ah well:P