Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA3DS

Has anybody seen or used these yet? Not sure if they are as good as they claim, or if its just a sales gimick?

one of the guys on the Easter Egg ride to Brugge had them on his bike seemed ok, might even get some for my ZXR750 :slight_smile: (fair swap) :D:D

my brother fitted a set to his R6 last week, & is very happy with them so far…

Mmm, good way to hide those chicken strips…where can I get some?:smiley:

Moore Speed Racing down in Poole do them I was thinking of riding down getting a set put on, n scrubbed in on the ride home :D.

Also, I understand George Whites at Swindon do them but don’t quote me on that??

FWR do them @ £169 a set & are a lot closer to home -

I have tracked them mate. Good tyre. Well worth the price

Interesting design. Any more people with experience of these tires?

They are £169 everywhere which I think is a tad rich for a Maxxis especially when you can get a pair of PR1’s from M&P for about £140 which have been proven to be a brilliant all-rounder.

EDIT: Not to mention the tyre can’t be that good because all their statistics compare it to a sports touring tyre - and not the equivalent sports tyre.

Your point is? This was put to bed a year ago.

Since posting this original post over a year ago, I’ve had them fitted (from FWR) and am now on my second Maxxis diamond rear. Unlike M&P if you go to FWR you will get a ride in ride out service - new rubber fitted and balanced. As apposed to M&P were you then have the hassel of either fitting yourself or getting some bloke to fit them which will be more than £29!

Like most things in biking and life for that matter it’s personal choice.

It got woken up by v bztard about half hour ago.

Or go to the OMC where is about £20 and you can get your tyres delivered there. Take the wheels off and Matt does it for you. You’ll still come cheaper that those Maxxis. As long as the tyres are good and cost around £250 a pair or less I’m happy tbh.