The best ice cream ever, produced in Northern Ireland, anyone whos tasted it will swear by it, and i just found out they have one shop in England, in Windsor!!!

So, im gona take a wee ride down there someday soon.

mmmm, pooh bear ice cream… :cool:

Is it true you can’t buy Neopolitan Ice Cream in NI Steve?

I was told this once but wasn’t sure if it was a wind up:D

Did someone mention ice cream :smiley:

Where, where, where ???

Blimey. An ice cream thread.

O.K. You guys get around and know lots.

Where can you find a decent Scicilian cassata in London, or better yet, any one got a recipe.

If it aint got three or four flavours of ice cream, aint got glace fruits and aint got liquer in it aint the real thing but I’m desparate, just post.

It’s Mrs. Oldguys favourite and a decent recipe would score loads of Brownie points I can swop for ride outs.

sod that ponsy stuff, u can have it mixed, pooh bear, bubble gum, real strawberry :stuck_out_tongue:

duno about neopolitan, eveyone goes to mauds!

:DNever been a big fan of ice cream but when my sis comes back from the states every few years her 1st visit is to Lisburn road for some pooh bear ice cream, never mind the family she hasn’t seen for years so it must be something special:D

told ya, its very special… :

my dads from lisburn road :smiley:

So she tells me, its the only thing she still misses after 20 years other than malt loaf:D

I was told, dunno how true it is, that because Neopolitan ice cream has 3 colours it could be signified as being the Irish Flag so they stopped selling it.

Dunno, Cornish clotted cream ice cream is really nice.

could be…

they once complained when the queen was over for some special dinner, as they had put peas, spuds, and carrots all next to each other, green , white and gold!!