Massive Thank You !!

Big Thanks to Jay and Tobe 1…

It couldnt have been easy to try to be a part of the day and know that you had to record it for Our Site and Others.

Ive got to say that you have done a fantastic job in capturing the Moods and Determination of all involved.

Absolute Quality Work !!

“There are some “Extra Special” Shots in those Gallerys that remind me of why Im just a Small Tooth on a Big Sprocket”.

Love and Luck to you all .

Much obliged and very welcome!

i agree there but what was orla doing on that roundabout :laugh:

She was being special Ginge…just like you mate.

I see you didnt deny the walkers the Ginger Hospitality !!

Good stuff fella.


The pictures are just fantastic and as has been said, capture the mood of the day. What they make me realise, as if I didn’t already know is what incredible support you all were to us walkers,you can just see by the photos, your unending energy and smiles helped us all through.

A great record of a memorable day,thanks to you lot.

Clare x

Cool! My pleasure Barro.