Massive Ho YEAH to the cameramen

Guys, just want to say a big thanks to the photographers here.

You wait a month for your fave toilet read to come along and its got 4 pics of a TOP event.

You pop on line at the Old LB and you get MINT (and I do mean MINT) shots of every rider going, plus behid the scenes and the occassionally shot of Foxy down some random pit lane looking confused or ecstatic depending on who she’s just IV’d.

Now I admit, taking the old lap top to the thorne room for a peruse of the pics whilst decorating the porcelain isn’t quite as easy as a handheld magazine…

But god you guys rock, the pics are the business. Mint sharp, and on the colour money. Keep it up Andrew (and whoever else you go with to the tracks (sorry should know your name but…I’m thick, what can you do eh?)

Nice one guys!

Such kind words, thank-you Toby. We’re doing this to make a difference and so far the hard-work seems to be on-track (sorry, bad pun).