Marquez rides the streets of London

See bottom of the above interview, sounds like it would be this Wednesday - has anyone heard anything about this? I’d be quite excited to go.


Though how I an persuade work to let me escape from Coalville for the afternoon to see MM is beyond me :unsure:

Looks like I know what I’ll be doing Wednesday night. We finally have a pro for the 20mph city limit - we can walk alongside him and get a good look at the bike.

His lucky I can’t ride my scooter yet, I would embarrass him :smiley:

LOL :hehe: that’s brilliant! I’m up for a leisurely paced walk to see one of the greats!

Hopefully it is Central London as I will be able to do this in my Lunch break :slight_smile:

Maybe I can speak to the people at BT Sport tomorrow and find out where and when its happening as it looks like it’s a BT Sport PR Stunt.

Awesome, definitely worth ducking out of work for a few hours!

We know where he’s going, he’s coming down to BM :smiley:

I’ll see if I can Kid Nap him tomorrow.

I’ve emailed the Lady I deal with at BT Sport who is in charge of organising the Guests for the MOTOGP Tonight Show, just waiting to hear back from her, she is likely to be VERY busy today as they are filming for the Silverstone GP show all day today but hopefully she comes back with an answer. I’ve asked for times and places where he will be riding the bike. If it’s like when they done the F1 Cars it’ll be west end, Picadilly circus, Regents Street, Trafalgar Square etc.

Good effort Sam!

Looking forward to hearing more! Sad i’m working until 20:00 on wednesday :doze:

Not heard back yet. She must be really busy. I’m leaving in about hour and a half to go over to the Studios so will ask when i’m there


It’s happening tomorrow across millennium bridge (whichbjust so happens to be behind my office and viewable from our canteen!!) from 8am to 12pm no proper time set or agreed yet.

Just been down to Millenium Bridge and there is no sign at all of anything like that going to happen. so god knows what the production team were talking about

thats a shame. definitively cant waste the morning on top of a bridge waiting for some young lad who might or might not show up.

have you told him about BM tonight? i’m sure he’ll pop over :smiley:

:slight_smile: I’m bringing him on the back of my bike so he can see how it’s done :smiley:

Ah cant justify skipping work for only a potential show, shame they didnt advertise it a bit more. I’ll keep a look out for the amateur footage - in particular the repsol man clinging onto the back of a k4 for dear life :w00t:


I’ve got our office window open so if the bike does start up i will hear it and run down there, it’s a shame as my office is next to the milenium bridge but it runs down the side where i have no windows so can’t keep looking out the window to see if it’s happening!!

I may pop down again in a bit to see if there is any signs of it hapening

Millennium bridge is a foot bridge, is he going to ride across?

Just had a peer across there from work and there was no sign of anything interesting going on.