marc marquez crashes into Ratthapark Wilairot @ phillip island fp1

Wilairot was transferred to a hospital in Melbourne where he was diagnosed with back and knee injuries, but fortunately no broken bones, while Marquez picked up some scrapes and bruises but was able to ride in FP2 where he finished in 17th.

The Race Direction after studying the incident handed down a one minute penalty to add to Marquez’s qualifying time which will mean he’ll start at the back of the grid on race day. Marquez team lodged an appeal, but the FIM stewards confirmed the Race Direction’s decision.

The FIM issued the following statement:

“On Friday 14th October after passing the chequered flag at the end of the first free practice rider Marc Marquez, rode in an irresponsible manner, causing danger to rider Ratthapark Wilairot which is an infringement to the Art 1.21.2 of the 2011 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix regulations. The Race Direction has decided to impose a time penalty of one minute to be added to the qualification time of Marc Marquez.”

Having an accident after the chequered flag is down right irresponsible. Too right he got a penalty, just glad there was no real injury to both riders.

Crashes like that rarely end without serious injury, they were both very lucky to escape! Glad they’re both reasonably ok.

The punishment was unusual too. Normally it’s a fine but giving him a minute penalty on his qualifying time should make the championship intersting now:cool:

Oh and I agree with you PJ that it was irresponsible. Many would use much more colourful language. Very impressed with your restraint:D

Still not seen it, Dorna are on it like China when it comes to oppressing the internet!

same not seen it either pretty much as soon as it’s up it’s gone :frowning:

Didn’t make much difference to him…

What a cracking race…started 38th, finished 3rd!!!


yep brilliant race!! much better than the yawn fest of motogp