Man and Van needed for 30min job in London, Thursday

Hi all, sorry for this crappy thread but kind of in a shitty situation. I need my bike transported just a few miles on Thursday in the morning preferably (Central West to Centralish North London). Anybody know anyone in particular to contact? I’ve rang around and haven’t really come across anything worth it yet…


I used Adz on here, he has a good bike van

If it’s only a few miles you could always go old school and push it. It’s a great workout!
Go on, push your self and save a few bob.

pm me if you dont get anything sorted i’ll give you a number…

Same here, Brian (The-BCR-Mop) might do it for you…it’d make a change to collect an LB bike that wasn’t smashed to bits from Essex!:hehe:

That’s the backup plan now, I would have done that initally but afaik it’s mostly uphill and that’s a pain in the arse…

I managed to get a quote for £20 for a man with a van, 1hour booked. Will comment back here on the service, price is right but have to see if he’s got a proper ramp/straps as he says he does :smiley: Hoping he turns up :confused:

what is it you need transporting a gl1500 or a ped lol. I may be able to do it.
Cheers Steve

Fingers crossed for you mate. My two man & van experiences were a nightmare. The first one was SEVEN HOURS late despite me calling him every 30 mins and him saying “nearly with you mate” and then when they arrived they tried to bill for a minimum of 2 hours at £60 / hr when I had agreed £60 with their boss as it would only take 45 minutes.

The second one was a couple of hours late but not so bad.

£20 / hour seems very cheap. Unless you could book yourself up all day every day then you’d want £20 / hr for the labour, before factoring in any vehicle expenses etc, but I think it’s a bargain.

Man arrived on time as expected, and yeah it cost me £20 for the hour! Nice guy too! Doesn’t have a proper bike ramp, but the one he has is more than good enough for more than 400kgs I’d say, as it took the bike and both of us standing on it without a hitch. I’d recommend him if anybody needs a van, and he says he’s happy to do long trips aswell.