Mallory Park Trackday Report

I’ve been looking to do a track this month and was originally looking at Snetterton this Sunday. Couldn’t really be arsed with getting up at 4am or having the expense and hassle of a B&B the night before though. I looked at the other options and blagged a day off work (today).

Originally I was going to do Silverstone as I didn’t want to travel too far. 100% Bikes had the day advertised at £109, but when I phoned up (yesterday) they wanted £150! (“It’s gone up…”) ******** to you then, that’s one space you won’t be filling. I’m sure £109 would have been more useful to them than £0… So, eventually I called up No Limits and booked my fall back track, Mallory Park.

I’d never actually done Mallory even though it’s only 80 miles from me, and I’d heard how well liked the circuit was so I was looking forward to trying something new. Plus it has the fastest bend in the country (more on that shortly…).

Weather forecast was a bit mixed, with some light showers predicted. As it happened we got no rain at all (despite a few ominous looking clouds) and some strong sun. It was a good 23 degrees c, which is all you can ask for in this country!

Now, the track. Mallory Park; the track everyone loves…

…and I hate it

Okay, ‘hate’ might be overstating it. Let me explain:

Gerards; the fastest bend in the country? Maybe if you can keep both wheels from leaving the ground over the bumps and stop the bike sliding on the uneven and multi-linked surfaces! People were talking about doing 120mph round there, and I’m sure the BSB boys do, but I’ll be buggered if I had the confidence to do it. In fairness to me, I saw precious few people decking it out round there and, to me, it became a long, dull corner (made worse by the fact that you’re hanging off the bike so long it begins to hurt! )

Shaws Corner; AKA slowest, crapiest, most pointless corner ever. All the people that dislike the Melbourne Hairpin at Donington should be made to ride this. They’ll never complain again.

Chicane (Bus Stop?); Very funny. Let me shake hands with the bloke who decided to put this there. And then punch him in the face. I can see it was added as an afterthought to stop people reaching Devil’s Elbow going too fast, but it is ridiculous. I think it’s called the Bus Stop because you can unload an entire bus full of people in the time it takes to get through it. And, to add insult to injury, the part of the apex (if you can call it that) you naturally want to hit has been resurfaced. By a blind, trainee pikey tarmacer. It’s appaling; bumpy and uneven, just what you want when you’re trying to throw the bike from one side to another on the front tyre. I ended up trying to cut inside that patch and then run the risk of whacking my leg on the elevated chevrons!

I am, quite frankly, amazed that BSB races here. I was at Silverstone to watch them the other week and you’d be hard pushed to believe it’s part of the same championship. Statistically I don’t know how dangerous the track is, but we had seven red flags today (including one bloke being taken to hospital)!

One last thing; the track photography service is crap too! The bloke taking the pictures was using a Nikon D70 (hardly professional…) and the pictures are very grainy and unfocused (see attached, which I’ve actually shrunk and tidied up!). Strange how they only show you the thumbnails before you buy… My girlfriend was getting better pictures!

I now realise this has turned into more of a rant than a report… Apologies! Anyone else got any experience of Mallory? I would be genuinely interested in your opinions, because it is one track I will not be re-visiting!


2005-09-01 11.41.12.jpg

Hey Silver, nice write-up! Good to see you back on the gixxer as well. All repaired now? I know exactly what you mean when you talk about arsey trackday organisers, it does my head in at times, they do themselves no favours, especially considering how competitive the market is, you’d think they would be a little more accomodating and interested in keeping you happy.

I couldn’t believe they wanted to charge me £41 for Silverstone, just because it was the day before. Surely they should be grateful at filling the space (it doesn’t cost them any extra) not hiking up the price by 40%! Anyway, no matter as Mallory was on my list of tracks to try.

The Gixxer’s looking a bit better thanks; new engine casing, gear change, crash bungs, bar ends etc. All that’s wrong now are a couple of scuffs on the fairing. If you look at the attached picture you can see where I strategically placed some black tape to hide the damage in the pictures! The lower black stripe on the main fairing panel. Need to get the Suzuki sticker set.



Hah, good work! I’ve used that trick before, whoops.

Nice report, well done. That huge corner can be taken nice and fast (I lay the bike over at about 110 round it), main problem now, apart from the surface, is trying to get back to the right hand side after it so you can brake for Edwinas.

I have a slight feeling that after this years BSB debarcle at the circuit that BSB will not be going back there. Its still being talked about in the race paddock now.

Glad you survived it.

Hi Silver, I did Mallory as my first track day with Rapid Training earlier this year with a couple of mates from work, and I have to agree with you about some of the circuit. The bus stop is ridiculous, it doesn’t seem to matter what line I tried to take, I always managed to hit the resurfaced patch and that seemed to be the same for most of the people in our group! Gerrards didn’t seem too bad, but I know exactly what you mean about the uneven surface, there seemed to be a couple of pretty big potholes about halfway round there which really unsettled things (not that a Bandit needs much unsettling on a track!). I figured the only thing to do with them was to aim for the small gap in between them and hope for the best! I thought the rest of the circuit was alright, infact I prefered it to Brands Hatch Indy.

I had the same problem dragging the bike back across the track for Edwinas. I hadn’t realised that Edwinas had been added as an afterthought; it’s certainly a lot better than the Bus Stop!

You’ve got me curious about the BSB race (I didn’t see it). What happened??