Maida Vale this Morning 19th Novemeber

Mass stoppage of bikers at 8am this morning , saw loads of riders being pulled over for random checks etc.

I saw this too, at about 9am. 3 different stops starting at the A5 / North Circular junction, with the 3rd one at Maida Vale.

I was wondering what they were stopping - looked like 125’s without L-Plates, but not sure as there were a lot of people being pulled.

Good stuff - all for this. Hope they get some stolen ones.

Very good news. I hope they crush the illegal ones and fine the offenders nuts/tits off. Nothing worse than uninsured illegal riders whether scooterist/motorcyclist/cage driver.

Went through Camden on my way home about 11 last night and they still at it. Eversholt Street and Kentish Town road

They were out again today , so i thought i would slow down and “try” to get myself stopped and find out what it’s all about.

Basically doing random stops all over London to make sure the riders and bikes are both road legal.

Good idea me thinks with all the bikes being nicked !

Quite nice about it all and gave me a roadsafe flyer as well ! :smiley:

In that case I’d be happy with more of the same !!!

I was stopped yesterday by these guys. Told me they were just checking documentation. I pointed out I was on a courtesy bike while mine was getting serviced and he told me “we won’t get very far with you then!” and sent me on my way!

He did mention that the bike I was on was a quick one - to which I replied “I wouldn’t know” with a poker face :smiley:

More of these sort of stops is a good thing - as I’m sure anyone who has suffered from thieves would agree.