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Maeving bikes, perfect for town riding

Saw these guys at the bike show today.
Jay, you need to get involved in this! Company is UK based, made up of ex-Triumph engineers. Uses a removable battery which charges flat to full in under 4 hours from a 13-amp socket. Easy to park up and take inside the house/office to charge. 1 battery goes under the tank and the ‘tank’ is either luggage space or takes a second battery. Extra batteries are £1000 if you want to keep a spare. Uses a Bosch rear hub motor.


I quite like the look of that

If the battery is in the ‘petrol tank’ and the motor is in the rear hub what’s all that taking up the space where you’d expect to find a conventional motorcycle engine?

Additional battery in petrol tank, main battery is below it.

Id assume it’s the controller behind that


Of course

and at £4,995 its a tad cheaper than the average bicycle seen being pedalled past Gandalf Corner

Hogtrumpet was at the show with me, he says the base level Specialized electric pedal bike is £3000.

I think that looks weird. Why make it look like an old bike? Doesn’t look like a serious bike, more like a toy for the weekends, going to the pub etc

It is a city bike , top speed 45mph so no need to have full/race fairing and it follows the trend of looks wisr

I know I could be considered a luddite on this matter but 40 miles on a charge is utterly hopeless. A grand to double the range?

Last night we rode from the suburbs to the Bike Shed for dinner, quick drink after at the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park the a spin in town for a late coffee at Bar Italia. That’s over 30 miles right there. Wouldn’t want to get home with less than 10 miles range left.

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Hmm… £1,000 for an extra 40 miles at the sacrifice of luggage space, I’m wondering how many charges the battery will take.

I’d rather double the range and a small rucksack, 10 litres isn’t that much.

I like the flexibility, but then again i have a 10 mile commute…

Somewhere for sandwich’s at work or a rucksack when I’m going further.

I’m somewhat tempted, though cant justify spending £5k on one now, and the Sur-Ron is equally useful (but does off road too)

I can see it making sense in some places, where I used to live it would be ideal for short hops to the office, shops etc. Didn’t have a drive so being able to take the batty out to charge would be a big win. For where I live now, It wouldn’t make any sense.