Made my day!

My mum has sent me a little tuck box full of goodies, popcorn, jelly babies, crisps etc, to work to cheer me up! Just in time for lunchtime :smiley:

It’s so nice that with all the low moral going around at the moment to receive such a nice little gift, really has made my day and that of my colleagues who are tucking into the jelly babies and yoghurt raisins. :smiley:

Although at 24 I now look like I’m incapable of feeding myself :laugh: :wink:

Anyway what a great little surprise, thought I’d share it.

Happy Wednesday all!

P.s. Reminder to all Mothers Day is Sunday 18th March :wink:

Its the little things that make us all smile :wink:

You talking about Lewis again Mel:D

Obviously doesn’t take much to make your day, now where did I put that tube of smarties :smiley:

aw…thats so cute!!! …don’t think mine even knows where I work…maybe I shall make a point of writing the address down next time I see her! :cool:

haha, sadly no… i rarely get a break from the humungous trouser snake :hehe:

I reckon Lewis logged on from Mel’s account just to boast about himself… :smiley:

he didnt


even with the address I doubt Plum’s mum will send you anything :wink:

That’s really nice. My mom died last year and really miss her. Enjoy your parents devotion whilst you can.

Roses are Red Violets are Blue,
I’ve got some smarties in my van :wink:

Mum’m always know how to make you smile… :wink:

That’s what mums are for.

Am sorry to hear that :frowning: My mum died of cancer last October and dad the year before. REALLY miss her at the moment especially with Mother’s day coming up :frowning:

This thread made me smile to think of those things that mum’s sometimes do and how special they are:)

A sweet thought, my Mum sent me some jelly babies when I was in Iraqn a few years ago - exept that package, and many others had been left out in the baking sun before being flown to were I was - what I got was a purple gelatinous blob with sugary syrup at the bottom :slight_smile: Although the other stuff survived. Little parcels from home like that realy do remind you that somebody out there is thinking of you. Lovely thought Mrs Plum.