Mad Mile

Yesterday I watched a 27 year old man try the Mad Mile right in front of me, doing well over 70 mph in full traffic. I also watched him hit a lamppost and die right in front of us despite the efforts of 12 emergency personnel and all the drivers who stopped to help, who tried to save him.


that’s a rhetorical question, i know. but perhaps he had a sht start to the day. i did and noticed my riding this morning was faster than normal. not big, not clever. i had to tick myself off.

Sorry to had to see that, RIP Biker. We all learn to enjoy our bikes and use their performance when the conditions suit. Note: The conditions are suitable a lot less regularly than people think.

Mad Mile is on the A217 near Banstead -
Epson Guardian
Biker killed in road crash
By Cara Lee
Comment | Read Comments (10)The scene of Sunday’s crash. Credit: John Taylor

A motorcyclist died yesterday after his bike was involved in a collision in Banstead.

At about 3.35pm the man’s motorbike was in collision with silver Nissan Almera in the A217 Brighton Road.

He was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital, in Whitechapel, east London, where he later died from his injuries.

Police believe he was in his 20s.

Just one day earlier, another motorbike was involved in a smash with a black Mercedes sports car in a different stretch of the A217 in Tadworth, near the roundabout leading to Walton-on-the-hill.

At the moment it is not known if anyone was injured in the crash.

John Taylor, 64 from Carshalton, drove past the scene of Sunday’s accident just after it had happened, at about 3pm.

“It looked very serious,” he said. "The A217 can be a dangerous road. People drive very fast in the part of the road before the roundabout.

"It’s regarded as an accident hot spot and speed cameras have been put there now. I think the last big acccident there happened about six months ago.

“I think they happen here because people don’t realise that when they come off the motorway to use the roundabout they have to slow down.”

Mr Taylor also said he thought that Sunday’s incident may have occured during a police chase, because a police car and an unmarked police car were directly behind the Mercedes moments after it happened.

Surrey Police is urging anyone who witnessed yesterday’s incident or events leading up to it to contact its Collision Investigation Unit on 01483 639922.

use to do this road daily cutting through from the M25 into Kingston.

Bad news all round.

RIP rider


Elad, good post and my thoughts exactly.

The A217’s near me and can be a good stretch of dual carriageway to open up a bit, but only in the right circumstances.

There are lengths with no junctions, which make it a little safer as no one can pull out on you, but to do 70 in traffic is asking for trouble.

The Mad Mile stretch is near Sutton and has been a place for speeding bikes and cars for years. It’s perfectly straight with a set of traffic lights at the south end, a roundabout at the north and no roads feeding in.

RIP biker. Take it easy everyone, especially if you’ve had a sh*t day.

Mad Mile was known as a place for informal racing over 20 years ago. The lights at the south end make it a perfect drag strip for bikes and cars. The golfers crossing on foot between the two halves of the course add a little extra excitment!These days the road carries much more traffic and it is not unusual to see cars and bikes weaving from lane to lane heading north.

Saw the aftermath of that, it’s on my regular commute, it’s a fast bit of road and I’ve often nailed it away from the lights when it’s clear in front - but at commute time it’s a real danger both ways as drivers are always changing lanes - Sad to see/hear of another biker losing his life, it’s getting to be a bit high profile in Surrey now - we all have or reasons for riding and riding how we do and none of us are as safe as we’d like to think we are - take it easy all and RIP that young man.

Very sad to see this.

I’m another one living close to this road and know the ‘mad mile’ well - it’s risky at commute time if filtering but a blast on a clear run.


RIP Biker - Mad mile is only 5 mins from where i live - It makes you think, when things like this happen.

I have gone down there fast in both the car and bike, but at the time you never seem to think of the concequences - just the adrenalin rush - Have learnt a lesson, a very hard lesson today.

RIP Mate.

I ride down here everyday on the way back to Reigate. I was in Dublin last week but I saw the smashed lamppost and Police notices on mad mile.

I’ve often wondered (and been very glad) that they don’t have speed traps there. I’ll be honest and say if the road is clear then there have been times when I will nail it in every gear, right up to top speed.

It’s also dangerous going South (where the accident was) because you get cars driving along in the outside lane for over a mile, just because they are going to turn right at the lights! The temptation is to undertake them (yes, I know it’s not big and it’s not clever).

There have been a lot of speed traps along the A217 this year, I expect this will mean there will now be a lot more. IMHO 40mph is too slow for this road and 90% of drivers are doing 50-60.

Bad times:crazy:

I guess it was Brian Flannery who died there on this occasion…

RIP, fellow biker :crying:

Adding to this slightly old post, I do the commute along this stretch on a cbr125, and people are so far up me they can see my fillings :blink: At traffic lights, etc pull aways are slow due to engine size so I don’t bother filtering to the front and I recognise my newbie status so I hang in the traffic until I hit Wimbledon.

It’s definately a dangerous stretch, even the roundabout at junction 8 people change lanes when they enter the roundabout without warning. You’d think L plates tell them something, except put foot!!

R.I.P. biker.Elad’s right about the ‘having a **** day syndrome’ and how it can affect your riding. When your calm and relaxed you find yourself picking the right moments for overtakes/speed etc and you find yourself generally staying out of trouble - on the other hand, if you’re tired, had an argument with your girlfriend, or someone has cut you up, you often find yourself nailing it in traffic to get rid of the frustration - this can lead to bother as the red mist screws up your judgement and you find yourself riding too fast for the conditions and then you hit a car at a junction or swerve to avoid an overtaking car on your side of the road (which hasn’t seen/anticipated you because you are going so fast) and you connect with a lampost. This is all more likely to happen to us lot in the south east as the roads are SO busy and congested all the time due to the high population density in our area.

The thing to remember - is that if we keep getting into bother like this, then it’s going to give the anti-fun, turn everyone into passive morons so they can be easily controlled, authoritarian nanny state eurocrats, all the ammunition they need to shut us down big time - they will reduce power outputs to a half/quarter (on sportsbikes) of what they are currently, and might even fit compulsory speedlimiters/GPS devices to bikes and cars that will monitor your speed remotely ALL OF THE TIME.

The technology is already in existence to enforce these draconian measures, and there is little that you can do to argue against it - because after all why shouldn’t an RI/ZX10-R etc be limited to 70m.p.h as that is the legal national speed limit?

All we can do to preserve our freedom to enjoy our bikes in the fashion we have become accustomed to is to try and keep a low profile - keep your speed away from congested areas and don’t provoke the public and police with inappropriate speed. As most of us know - appropriate speed can be 160 m.p.h if you are on a straight bit of empty welsh country road at 5.00 a.m. on a june morning with a view a mile and a half up ahead, and no junctions or other road users within miles - if anything does happen it will only involve you - and as far as I’m concerned - that’s your business.

Because you didn’t look away?

dude, your posts are really hitting home, keep’em coming;)

Cheers Ratty mate! A lot of people’s posts (including your good self) seem to be of a high standard at the moment - which is why I’m on Londonbikers so much and not vacuuming the flat like I should be! :smiley: